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Slipping Out of Bloom, Poems by Julie L. Moore

The quiet lyrics of Julie Moore’s Slipping Out of Bloom are infused with a sense of wonder at the world's minute beauty, unfolding their observations and revelations, as "their forms/like phantoms/blur between earth/and air."

Sample Poems by Julie L. Moore

“Julie L. Moore’s observant, vivid, calmly moving poems are centered in her own home, in her own everyday life, but they radiate outward, taking in what’s distant, invisible, and hard to comprehend as well as what’s intimate and ‘in close proximity.’ The ornamental pear tree that ‘slips / out of bloom’ is emblematic of the insight that everything is in a process of becoming. Her courageous poems face death and inexplicable illness, finding themselves able to ‘buoy in the wake / of the passing day.’ Through particular acts of noticing, paying attention to friends, family, and a life-list of creatures, she comes to a hard-earned faith, discovering ‘magnified / through sun and glass / reason for our being.’” —John Drury

“The world’s stubborn strangeness, its painful loveliness, and the search for traces of God amidst its people and creatures—Julie L. Moore braids all of these obsessions beautifully together into these luminous, resonant, unflinching poems, and somehow finds hope for this world among it all.”—Jeff Gundy

“The poems of Julie L. Moore’s Slipping Out of Bloom reveal an edge: fine, sharp, reflective, dangerous. She acknowledges lines that unite us and divide us yet lingers over the enchantment born from a fruitful blurring of those borders. Moore has lived to tell us about the places in our world where the delicate and the durable meet and merge. The sheer and piercing audacity of her words will wake you to the sound of your own breathing.”—Eric Paul Shaffer

“These poems are craft from Julie L. Moore's daily life—walking Maggie the dog, sawing up a beloved, fallen tree, playing Scrabble with her family, noticing how leaves are strewn like letters across a flat, Ohio lawn. Her poetry refrains from overstatement and extravagant gesture. It delineates many subtle colors on the palette of human suffering and faithfully documents nuances of joy. What a rare pleasure to read a book so honest, so humble, and so utterly trustworthy!”—Jeanne Murray Walker

ISBN: 978-1934999844, 106 pages

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