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The Broad Grin of Eternity, Poems by Charles W. Brice

The Broad Grin of Eternity explores the degree to which smiles both mock and hide the dark, as we lurch toward our fates.

Sample Poems by Charles W. Brice

“Charlie Brice’s book is so full of smart allusions, one staggers. And laughs. The reader flies from Handel in his underwear to a shout out to Nietzsche, from Teriyaki sauce to The Lives of the Saints, from John Donne to the Luau room at the Holiday Inn, from the Beach Boys to Khachaturian. These energetic poems are testament to ‘the blood coursing through my goddamned veins.’ Yet they offer us, not a cure, but good medicine, the deep love in a marriage, and the poignant awareness that comes from suffering. I am glad to have this book in the world.”—Fleda Brown, author, The Woods are on Fire: New and Selected Poems

“I knew Charlie Brice had my number when I read the poem that begins ‘I never know where I am’—hey, I don’t, either, Charlie! Brice also says (quoting Ginsberg) that ‘the poet is / always naked before the world,’ and if you’re not only lost but naked and lost, that means you’re going to need all the help you can get. Fortunately, these poems are as wise as they are witty. They’re altruistic, too: the titles of no fewer than eighteen of them begin with ‘The Truth About…’ Their main message is (a) don’t sweat the small stuff and (b) everything is small stuff. So you’re stumbling through the dark in your birthday suit—aren’t we all?”—David Kirby, author, More Than This

“With numerous references to artists, philosophers, and writers Charlie Brice, in The Broad Grin of Eternity, poetically engages and explores our world with all our human faculties. Brice captures this living/feeling/thinking with piquancy, humor, and pathos.”—Sue William Silverman, author, If the Girl Never Learns

ISBN: 978-1625493682, 112 pages, softcover

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