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Bodies on Earth, Poems by David Swerdlow

The elegiac poems of David Swerdlow’s Bodies on Earth lament what is lost, search for what persists, and celebrate what is, in the here and now. Swerdlow’s graceful meditations invite the reader to share their quiet awareness.

Sample Poems by David Swerdlow

On Small Holes in the Universe
“...a reassuring collection, demonstrating that contemporary American poetry can be at the same time metaphysical and earthy, exotic and thoughtful, meditative and lyrical. It doesn’t have to choose between regional and self-reflexive, personal and historical. These brilliant poems embody all of these qualities, in addition to one we seem to be lacking and desperately need: a poetic voice that knows that ‘a word is elegy to what it signifies,’ a poet who questions his own language and perceptions in skillfully beautiful images and surprising assertions. And though he knows that, at bottom, being is unsayable, we’re very grateful to him for saying it.”—Philip Terman, The Laurel Review

David Swerdlow, author of Small Holes in the Universe, teaches creative writing and literature at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

$18.00, 88 pages, ISBN: 978-1934999820

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